Is the "Madden Curse" already getting to Vince Young?

Madden 08 only came out last Tuesday but it already looks like it has affected cover boy Vince Young. Since the game has come out, Young has been suspended by the team for the first preseason game and went 5 for 17 for 105 yards against the Patriots Thursday. Could this be another example of the Madden Curse and is it even real? You could just ask Daunte Culpepper,Michael Vick, Ray Lewis or Shaun Alexander who all suffered injuries and other setbacks the year they were on the cover of the game. It doesn’t help that the Titans didn’t try to get weapons for Vince Young to throw to. As of now the teams starting receivers are Brandon Jones and Roydell Williams. The team did add veteran Eric Moulds and rookies Paul Williams and Chris Davis but that might not be enough. Young could be a good fantasy quarterback but if you draft him, remember to get a reliable backup.

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