Observations of the Lions offense from the Bengals Lions game

The Lions offense was moving the chains the whole game as they threw for over 500 yards. Jon Kitna played a few series in the first quarter and went 3 for 5 with 52 yards. J.T. O’Sullivan who the Lions got off waivers a few weeks before the game looked very sharp going 12 for 19 with 225 yards and a touchdown. The weakness of the Lions offense though is definitely the running game. The Lions only ran the ball 19 times and gained 67 yards. That won’t win you to many games in the NFL. Tatum Bell started as Kevin Jones was still nursing his broken foot. Bell looked very quick and ran for 19 yards on 6 carries. Bell’s only problem was he didn’t hit the holes the line opened for him and danced around most of the plays. T.J. Duckett didn’t look that impressive either as he 19 yards on 5 carries and fumbled at the Bengals 1 yard line. Duckett was supposed to be the teams goal line back so he could be gone if he does that again. The receivers though looked great as Roy Williams caught one pass for 23 yards. Williams looked unstoppable on his route which was a 20 yard slant and then he does the rest. Considering he should get single coverage due to Calvin Johnson and Mike Furrey’s presence, Williams could be in for a great season. Furrey had 1 catch for 24 yards which was on the exact same route as Williams. Calvin Johnson came in late in the second quarter but played well. Johnson had two passes thrown his way and caught them both for a total of 45 yards. Johnson made a spectacular leaping catch over Bengals 1st round corner Leon Hall and showed that he is ready to play. The Bengals defense was also very worried about Johnson getting lose. On one play Johnson was getting double teamed which led to a wide open Shaun McDonald who scored from 83 yards out. So all and all the Lions can really pass the ball but won’t win to many time of possession battles. The Lions might not win that much this year, but they should be fun to watch.

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