FBkid’s fantasy football cheat sheet: Quarterbacks

Everyday I am going to do my position by position cheat sheet. So today here are my top 30 quarterbacks. The number on the side is each teams bye week so you don’t have to go searching the waiver wire because both of your quarterbacks aren’t playing in week 6.
1. Peyton Manning Colts 6
2. Carson Palmer Bengals 5
3. Tom Brady Patriots 4
4. Drew Brees Saints 4
5. Marc Bulger Rams 9
6. Donovan McNabb Eagles 5
7. Jon Kitna Lions 6
8. Vince Young Titans 4
9. Philip Rivers Chargers 7
10. Matt Leinart Cardinals 8
11. Matt Hasselbeck Seahawks 8
12. Tony Romo Cowboys 8
13. Jay Cutler Broncos 6
14. Alex Smith 49ers 6
15. Brett Favre Packers 7
16. Eli Manning Giants 9
17. J.P. Losman Bills 6
18. Matt Schaub Texans 10
19. Ben Roethlisberger Steelers 6
20. Steve McNair Ravens 8
21. Jason Campbell Redskins 4
22. Byron Leftwich Jaguars 4
23. Jeff Garcia Buccaneers 10
24. Jake Delhomme Panthers 7
25. Chad Pennington Jets 10
26. Rex Grossman Bears 9
27. Trent Green Dolphins 9
28. Tarvaris Jackson Vikings 5
29. Damon Huard Chiefs 8
30. Joey Harrington Falcons 8

Sleepers: J.P. Losman Bills: Losman showed improvement last year as the Bills passing attack looked good at times. Losman should find Lee Evans often and could get around 3000 yards and 17 touchdowns as a late round pick.

Byron Leftwich Jaguars: The only problem with Leftwich is staying healthy. This offseason Leftwich lost about 20 pounds and the Jags have a new offense with more long pass plays. Leftwich could put up good numbers to be a solid no.2 option.

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