Should the Jags get Daunte Culpepper?

Considering how inconsistent play was at the quarterback position last year and the fact that Mike Tice is an assistant coach has made it seem obvious that the Jags are in the running for Culpepper. I don’t really think that if this all plays out it would be a great pickup for the Jags.
Byron Leftwich even though bashed by the local media constantly is currently the starter. This is also the last year in his contract so this year could make or break his future in Jacksonville. When given time in the pocket Leftwich could look great at times as he has been known to go on stretches when he completes 15 passes in a row and lead the Jags to victory. His problems are speed of release and a long stride in the pocket. Word out of mini camp is that he is working on shortening it with new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.
David Garrard had his chance last season, playing poorly in key games. The many analysts that say he is one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league must have not seen him play last year. In a key division game against the Titans, the Jags totally outplayed them yet still lost. That was because Garrard threw four interceptions. (Ever seen the Pacman Jones highlights they show while describing his latest strip club incident? That’s him running back a Garrard pass for a touchdown. Overall Garrard is a capable backup and not much more.
Quinn Gray when given the chance has played great as he seems like a combination of both Leftwich and Garrard. Against the Chiefs Gray was throwing Leftwich-like bullets (unlike Garrard) to the right team. Gray has Garrard’s running ability, scoring two touchdowns against the Chiefs when he replaced Garrard in the middle of the game. He could become a good backup quarterback but for a no.3 is a great option.
So overall the Jags aren’t that bad at quarterback at least for this year. If this position struggles, they could go for a free agent or draft a quarterback like Andre Woodson of Kentucky next year. These are all reasons why the Jags shouldn’t go with Daunte Culpepper. The team has stuck with Leftwich this far they should just let him finish out his contract and possibly resign next year.

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