2001 all draft team

After seeing the popularity of my all 2002 and 2003 draft teams I have decided to analyze my all 2001 team. This might be the most loaded draft of them all as it has one of the best quarterbacks in the game, the best running back and three of the ten best receivers. Plus it also has many pro bowl defensive players. The teams only weakness is noticebly at linebacker and the other safety spot. So here is my all 2001 draft team.

Offense: QB: Drew Brees: Round 2 Pick 32

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: Round 1 Pick 5

WR: Chad Johnson: Round 2 Pick 36

WR: Reggie Wayne: Round 1 Pick 30

WR: Steve Smith: Round 3 Pick 74

TE: Todd Heap: Round 1 Pick 31

T: Matt Light: Round 2 Pick 48

G: Steve Hutchinson: Round 1 Pick 17

C: Casey Rabach: Round 3 Pick 92

G: Leonard Davis: Round 1 Pick 2

T: Jeff Backus: Round 1 Pick 18


DE: Aaron Schobel: Round 2 Pick 46

DT: Marcus Stroud: Round 1 Pick 13

DT: Richard Seymour: Round 1 Pick 6

DE: Derrick Burgess: Round 3 Pick 63

LB: Kendrell Bell: Round 2 Pick 39

LB: Dan Morgan: Round 1 Pick 11

LB: Morlon Greenwood: Round 3 Pick 88

CB: Nate Clements: Round 1 Pick 21

CB: Ken Lucas: Round 2 Pick 40

S: Adrian Wilson: Round 3 Pick 64

S: Dwight Smith: Round 3 Pick 84
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