Fantasy Football top 10 defenses

Last year defenses played a big role in deciding fantasy games. You have to remember that in some leagues you also own the team’s special teams and if a kick is returned for a touchdown you get the points. So here are my top 10 fantasy defenses.
1. Baltimore Ravens: If this unit is around when you’re picking in round 6 you should definitely take them as they well get you more points then any number 3 receiver. The Ravens always score at least 5 defensive touchdowns a year. They also record lots of sacks and interceptions. The addition of rookie return man Yamon Figurs should help as he will have Devin Hester like impact on the return game.
2. Chicago Bears: The defense isn’t as good as the Ravens but you get even more return touchdowns. Devin Hester had 6 last year and should get around 3 this year. Plus they play offenses like the Vikings twice a year so expect solid numbers all around the board.
3. San Diego Chargers: points from sacks can decide the winner and loser of a game. If you have the Chargers you won’t have to worry about that. The Chargers led the NFL in sacks last year with 61. Plus Shawne Merriman should have another great season unless he fails another drug test. The special teams is a little weak but the sacks will make up for it.
4. New England Patriots: The Patriots had a solid defense last year but with new addition Adelius Thomas they are one of the top fantasy defenses. This year expect a lot more sacks and if Asante Samuel returns, some interceptions. Wes Welker will also help out on special teams.
5. Denver Broncos: The Broncos defense was a little inconsistent last year but now that they have Dre Bly opposite Champ Bailey they will be almost impossible to throw on. Expect some solid sack numbers with lots of interceptions and maybe a couple return touchdowns.
6. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys new coach Wade Phillips was the guy who made Shawne Merriman a star. Now it’s DeMarcus Ware’s turn. Ware had a solid season last year but he should have around 15 sacks this year. With that, along with Terence Newman becoming a shut down corner you should have a definite number 1 defense.
7. Miami Dolphins: Other than Jason Taylor there aren’t many other players who will get you serious fantasy points. Either way they are a solid number 1 defense as they don’t allow that many points or yards and Taylor is so versatile he will score at least one touchdown and the team should get at least 18 interceptions.
8. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles always get lots of sacks because of their ability to blitz. The addition of Takeo Spikes should also help with sacks and Lito Sheppard should get lots of interceptions. They should be used as a no.1 defense.
9. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags don’t allow too many yards as they have a great defensive line and a shutdown corner in Rashean Mathis. If they get a couple return touchdowns as Maurice Jones-Drew should help run back kicks. They should definitely be a starting unit.
10. Carolina Panthers: This unit didn’t live up to there potential last year but Julius Peppers and company should rebound this year as they get lots of sacks and they have very good corners in Ken Lucas and Chris Gamble. If Peppers has a good year and the corners improve, they should be a starting unit.

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