Which Jaguar receiver will get cut?

The jags have a bunch of big, young receivers but for some reason it has been a problem on the team since Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell left. Here is my take on who will live to see the season opener and those who will see it on another team.

1. Reggie Williams Why he won’t : Williams had his best season as pro last year and has improved his numbers every season.
Why he will: Williams is close to the end of his contract so the salary hit won’t be that bad. Plus the team might not like his attitude considering he dances after catching a 5 yard pass.

2. Matt Jones: Why he won’t: Jones is entering his third year in the league and that’s the year everybody predicts receivers start to shine. Plus the Jags don’t want everybody in the league thinking he is a bust.
Why he will: Jones is the slowest 4.3 I have ever seen. Plus he is afraid of getting hit and that is why he always tries to make one handed catches.

3. Ernest Wilford: Why he won’t: Wilford is a great leader in the lockeroom plus he is a solid route runner who could be a good number 3 on another team.
Why he will: Wilford hasn’t put up the touchdown numbers that he showed the team he could in his rookie season. He is also one of the slowest receivers on the team.

4. Charles Sharon: Why he won’t: Sharon has never even played a down in a meaningful game but word is he had a lights out minicamp and impressed all of the coaches. Plus if he is as good as they are saying the Jags won’t let another team grab him to make him a solid player.
Why he will: Either way I think he will make the team if he passes waivers for the practice squad at the least.

5. Mike Walker: Why he won’t: Walker was just drafted by the Jags in the third round and also had a great minicamp he has potential to start from the beggining of the season.
Why he will: There is no way the Jags would cut him considering his talent and they just drafted him.

6. Dennis Northcutt: Why he won’t: The Jags just gave Northcutt a big deal this offseason.
Why he will: It’s not going to happen as the team would waste to much cap space.

7. John Broussard: Why he won’t: Broussard is very fast and could become a solid 3 receiver in a few years.
Why he will: At the worst he will make the practice squad.

So after analyzing the Jags receiving corps I think Reggie Williams will be the one cut as he has a soon to expire contract and the team doesn’t want GM’s around the league thinking Matt Jones is a bust

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