AFC Season Preview

Football season is only a couple months away and soon training camp is going to begin so let me analyze my division winners and my sleeper team for the AFC. AFC East: New England Patriots: This choice is as obvious as it gets as they still have a core of players from when they won the superbowl a couple years ago.They added even more talent with the addition of versitile linebacker Adelius Thomas along with the additions of speedy receivers Donte Stallworth and gamebreaker Randy Moss. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they have Tom Brady at the helm.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals: If no more players get arrested and face disipline from the commissioner,this could be an explosive team. They have loads of fire power at offense led by all-pro quarterback Carson Palmer and the dynamic receiving tandem of Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. They also have a consistent running threat in Rudi Johnson who will change the pace of games. If the defense improves they are a darkhorse in a deep AFC.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts: The Superbowl champs come back as explosive as ever still led by Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning and have an explosive core with young running back Joseph Addai and all-pro receivers Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.1st round pick Anthony Gonzalez should also fit right in to become a great 3rd receiver. The only big loss on defense was linebacker Cato June to the Bucs. They still have Dwight Freeney up front and explosive safety Bob Sanders to defend the pass. The road to win the AFC will go through Indianapolis. AFC

West: San Diego Chargers: They had the best record in the regular season but there playoff inexperience hurt them as they lost to the Patriots in the 2nd round. They still have the best running back in the league in Ladanian Tomlinson along with improving quarterback Phillip Rivers. The defense is explosive led by Shawne Merriman. If it wasn’t for the ‘roids Merriman could have challenged the single season sack record as he had 17 in 12 games.

Sleeper: Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags have a great defense along with one of the leagues best running tandems in Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew had great production last year with over 15 touchdowns and 950 yards. While Taylor had over 1100 and 5 touchdowns. The only problem is the play at quarterback as Byron Leftwich wasn’t completley healthy and David Garrard didn’t play like a starting quarterback. The defense though is a whole other story though as Marcus Stroud and John Henderson are among the premiere defensive players in the NFL. This could lead to success for the Jaguars.
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