2002 draft 5 years later picks 1-10

Today I went into Dick’s Sporting goods and ran into Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee and tackle Tony Pashos for a team promotion. I was talking to Tony about my blog and he suggested I do a post about the draft that happened 5 years ago. I thought it was a great idea so here is my 2002 draft review after the players have actually taken the field.

Houston Texans: David Carr QB Fresno St. This was the first draft pick in team history and it certainly wasn’t as successful as they hoped. Behind a poor offensive line and a weak supporting cast,Carr was released this year and is now on the Carolina Panthers.

Carolina Panthers: Julius Peppers DE North Carolina: Draft analysts were calling Peppers the next Lawrence Taylor when he entered the draft. Ironically they attended the same college and Peppers has become a star. He is one of the most athletic players in the league and has been to the Pro Bowl multiple times.

Detroit Lions: Joey Harrington QB Oregon: Lets just say this wasn’t the best pick in the Matt Millen era for the Lions. Harrington was supposed to be a very savvy quarterback with lots of big game experience. That potential was never shown in Detroit and is now the backup for the Falcons behind America’s favorite dog breeder, Michael Vick.

Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams T Texas: Williams came into the league with expectations to become a great player right away. That never happened as he was overweight and was slow. He was with the Jacksonville Jaguars last season but was placed on injured reserve before he reached the field.

San Diego Chargers: Quentin Jammer CB Texas: Jammer was supposed to be a shut down corner coming out of Texas. He has been a solid corner but hasn’t lived up to expectations. He is still currently playing for the Chargers.

Kansas City Chiefs: Ryan Sims DT North Carolina: This might have been the biggest reach of this draft class. Sims was a first round talent but wasn’t worth the 6th pick. He has also had numerous injuries and is now on the Bucs. For the Record Rocky Bernard the starting defensive tackle for the Seahawks was drafted in the 5th round and John Henderson was drafted 3 picks later.

Minnesota Vikings: Bryant McKinnie T Miami(FL): Bryant was a very prolific college player but it hasn’t translated to the pros. After holding out half the year,McKinnie never caught up to speed with the offense. He is currently still starting for the Vikings.

Dallas Cowboys: Roy Williams S Oklahoma: Roy was labeled a star coming out and lived up to it his first year winning defensive rookie of the year. He still starts for the Cowboys but you can noticeably tell he has slowed down and can’t cover the pass.

Jacksonville Jaguars: John Henderson DT Tennessee: After this pick analysts like Mel Kiper Jr. were going nuts with what a mistake the Jaguars made for picking him after taking Marcus Stroud the year before. Well they were proved wrong. Henderson started right away and he and Stroud have helped turn the Jags into a great rushing defense. He has also been to the Pro Bowl.

Cincinnati Bengals: Levi Jones T Arizona State: When you draft a player 10th overall and he is best known for getting into a fight with Joey Porter in Las Vegas, that isn’t a real good thing. Levi starts for the Bengals but he hasn’t yet reached his full potential.

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