2007 NFL Mock Draft #2

With the draft a week away there are just a few minor changes to my mock draft. Look for a big trade on draft day possibly between the Lions and Bucs.

1 Raiders JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
The Raiders can’t resist his size, strength and rocket arm.
2 Lions Gaines Adams DE Clemson
If the Lions keep the pick I think they will go with Quinn but my guess is they trade down and Adams is their guy.
3 Browns Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
This addresses a huge need for the Browns and Quinn being a hometown kid doesn’t hurt.
4 Bucs Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
It’s hard to call the 4th pick the “steal of the draft” but Calvin Johnson is that good.
5 Cardinals Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
The offensive line is the Cardinals biggest weak spot. If Thomas is available it’s a no brainer to pick him.
6 Redskins Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
Anderson has everything the Redskins would look for in a defensive end as he is big and fast for his size.
7 Vikings Leon Hall CB Michigan
There are bigger needs such as quarterback and receiver but Leon Hall and his sub 4.4 speed is a big upgrade for the secondary.
8 Falcons LaRon Landry S LSU
Safety is one of the biggest needs for the Falcons and Landry is clearly the best available. He and Deangelo Hall would make a great and fast duo in Atlanta.
9 Dolphins Levi Brown OT Penn St.
The Dolphins biggest need is probably quarterback but nobody is worth taking here. The offensive line is a little weak and Brown is a good value pick here.
10 Texans Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
This may surprise some people that Peterson falls this far but after the Browns lots of teams have big money invested in young backs. Hopefully for Texans fans this makes up for passing on Reggie Bush.
11 49ers Alan Branch DT Michigan
Branch was a possible top 5 pick but after he looked a little out of shape at his pro day his stock tumbled out of the top ten. This also addresses a big need for the 49ers.
12 Bills Patrick Willis LB Mississippi
The Bills probably took the biggest blow from free agency after losing Takeo Spikes, Nate Clements, London Fletcher and Willis McGahee. Willis addresses a big need and is the best player left at this point.
13 Rams Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
Okoye is an interesting prospect considering he was a four year senior and is 20 years old. He will also bring a much needed boost to the Rams defensive line.
14 Panthers Reggie Nelson S Florida
The Panthers need to address some needs on offense but safety is an issue too and Nelson who might be the best athlete available will have an immediate impact.
15 Steelers Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
The Steelers front 7 played well last year but the secondary was lousy. The hometown kid Revis is definitely an upgrade as his stock is rising.
16 Packers Marshawn Lynch RB California
Brett Favre may need receivers to throw to but they need a running back desperately. Ahman Green left and a Noah Herron and Vernand Morency backfield isn’t going to win too many games.
17 Jaguars Brandon Meriweather S Miami (FL)
The Jags would love to take Nelson if available here but Meriweather isn’t far behind. He gives a big presence over the middle and adds a swagger to the Jaguars D. You can’t go wrong when scouts call him a mix between Sean Taylor and Ed Reed.
18 Bengals Jon Beason LB Miami (FL)
The Bengals proved they can score but the defense is the only thing that kept them out of the playoffs. After the loss of Brian Simmons the Bengals need a playmaker who can lead the defense and that fits Beason perfectly.
19 Titans Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
The Titans have a big question on their hands do they draft thinking Pacman Jones won’t return or should they draft a receiver. After losing Drew Bennett this offseason Meachem would become a go to guy for Vince Young.
20 Giants Chris Houston CB Arkansas
The Giants last year had lots of injuries to their secondary especially the cornerbacks. Plus they are getting up there in age so Houston would be a perfect fit who could be starting in the next few years.
21 Broncos Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
After releasing Al Wilson the Broncos could use a linebacker but they need to bring in some new blood to the defensive line other then Cleveland Browns castoffs. Carriker fits their needs perfectly with his 6’7 frame and long wingspan.
22 Cowboys Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
The Cowboys last year got good production from their receivers but Terry Glenn is older and you never know when T.O. will blow up. Bowe gives them a threat who can go deep and over the middle.
23 Chiefs Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio St.
The Chiefs have always needed a receiver and Ginn fits their offense well as he can score anytime he touches the ball. Coming in to the league though his immediate impact could be running back kicks.
24 Patriots Michael Griffin S Texas
The Patriots are in need of a new safety as Rodney Harrison’s career seems to be winding down. Griffin is a great person to replace him as he is a character guy and is a leader on the field.
25 Jets Jarvis Moss DE Florida
The Jets were a surprise team last year but they are still a few years away from being considered a contender. One of the biggest problems is their defensive line where they have nobody who can get off the edge and sack the quarterback. Moss fits that roll perfectly.
26 Eagles Aaron Ross CB Texas
The Eagles defense was pretty good last season but they are in need of a cornerback. Ross would work just fine as he has great coverage skills and has great ability for jumping routes.
27 Saints Greg Olsen TE Miami (FL)
The Saints took the league by storm last year as they had one of the most explosive offenses in the game. One of the only things missing is a tight end like Olsen who can stretch the field and is also a great target in the red zone.
28 Patriots Paul Posluszny LB Penn St.
The Patriots helped the linebacker core by signing Adelius Thomas in free agency but he is not the long term answer. Posluszny is a great character guy who loves the game and could push for a starting job.
29 Ravens Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
The Ravens offense shockingly improved this year as Steve McNair led the team to the playoffs. After Edwin Mulitalo left in free agency the Ravens need a young and agile guard and that is Grubbs.
30 Chargers Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
A couple months ago nobody would have expected to see Jarrett drop this far. But after a 4.7 forty and Mike Williams comparisons here he is. Jarrett could become a big asset in the Chargers offense if he has a good work ethic.
31 Bears Arron Sears OG Tennessee
The Bears got all the way up to the Super Bowl last season but every offensive play was a fumble, interception or sack. Sears comes in as a big strong guard who can keep the pressure away from Rex Grossman.
32 Colts Lawrence Timmons LB Florida St.
After losing Cato June to the Bucs in free agency the Colts are in search for a linebacker who is fast, young and can start immediately. That would be Timmons who has the skill set to be a star in the league depending on the way he is used.
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