Week 1 Predictions

Game of the Weak
Jets vs Titans- Like I really had a choice

Game of the Week
Bengals vs Chiefs- If you like scoring, this is the game for you

Fantasy stud for each position
QB: Kurt Warner vs San Francisco- The 49ers didn’t get much better this offseason but Warner has great targets to throw to in Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.
RB: Ladainian Tomlinson vs Oakland- LT is a great back every week but Oakland’s defense isn’t that good.
WR: Larry Fitzgerald vs San Francisco- Fitz is a great red zone receiver and the Cardinals will be in the redzone a lot considering the 49ers defense.
TE: Ben Watson vs Buffalo- Watson is a monster who will have lots of looks with the absence of Deion Branch and Buffalo’s short handed defense.
K: Josh Brown vs Detroit- Seahawks offense + Lions Defense= lots of extra point oppurtunities
DST: Bears vs Green Bay- Brett Favre didn’t get any younger and the running back situation is not settled.

Week 1 predictions

Falcons 13 Panthers 24
Ravens 10 Bucs 14
Bills 13 Patriots 28
Bengals 35 Chiefs 31
Broncos 21 Rams 17
Saints 14 Browns 20
Jets 10 Titans 17
Eagles 21 Texans 24
Seahawks 35 Lions 21
Bears 20 Packers 10
Cowboys 17 Jaguars 13
49ers 14 Cardinals 42
Colts 35 Giants 21
Vikings 13 Redskins 21
Chargers 24 Raiders 14

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